Thursday, December 6, 2018


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Two Kia Subcompacts are Tops in Value
  • Rio wins for exemplary ride and road manners in its class
  • Soul is winner due to spacious cabin and value pricing

IRVINE, Calif., December 6, 2018 — Kia Motors America (KMA) is pleased to announce that the Rio and Soul have been named 2019 Consumer Guide® Automotive Best Buy Award winners.
"Kia's two 2019 Best Buy Awards demonstrate the brand's ability to build high-value vehicles that offer car buyers levels of comfort and refinement that are generally found in more-expensive offerings,” says Tom Appel, Publisher, Consumer Guide® Automotive. “The Kia Soul earns our Best Buy honors primarily for its excellent passenger and cargo accommodations and its value pricing and the Kia Rio warrants our Best Buy honors for its impressive value and refinement for the price. Rio is one of the best-riding and quietest vehicles in its class.”
According to Appel, Consumer Guide editors log more than 100,000 miles every year evaluating vehicles and use objective criteria such as price, features, performance, accommodations, fuel economy, reliability records, and resale value, to assess each vehicle in real-world driving experiences.
“It’s always rewarding for Kia and its employees when any of our vehicles receives an award,” says Orth Hedrick, executive director of Car Planning and Telematics, KMA. “But it’s doubly gratifying when it’s two vehicles, this time Rio and Soul, and even better when we’re recognized by a respected publication like Consumer Guide.”

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