Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kia Sedona Tops InsWeb Cheapest-To-Insure List

Kia Motors Corp.'s Sedona minivan is the cheapest 2010 model-year vehicle to insure in the U.S., while luxury performance cars crowd the list of the most expensive, topped by Honda Motor Co.'s Acura's sporty ZDX, according to online insurance comparer InsWeb Corp..

After the ZDX at the top of the most-expensive list are Audi AG's TTS and A5 cars, followed by General Motors Co.'s Cadillac's luxury Escalade SUV and powerhouse Chevrolet Corvette. Audi is Volkswagen AG's premium brand.

The Sedona, a minivan whose 2011 model starts at $24,595 new, tops InsWeb's least-expensive list to insure, followed by Mazda Motor Corp.'s Madza5 Minivan and Ford Motor Co.'s Escape SUV. Most of the vehicles on the least- expensive list carry high passenger loads.

The value of the vehicle is one of the most important factors that determine a vehicle's cost to insure, so the fact that most of the vehicles on the most- expensive list cost more than $40,000 isn't surprising, InsWeb said. The firm said the other main factor in determining insurance cost is the particular model's loss history.

Those who drive the sportscars on the top of the most-expensive list are likely "more aggressive by nature, which could lead to a higher likelihood of claims," said Brad Cooper, InsWeb's senior vice president of operations. "On the other end of the spectrum, most of the vehicles on the least-expensive-to insure list are minivans, wagons and small SUVs. Those vehicle types are often preferred by individuals with families-perhaps the least likely people to engage in risky driving behavior."

-By Nathan Becker,

Dow Jones Newswires