We still haven’t been given any information about the interior updates, but rumors are milling about that it should be an impressive array of improved technology and attractiveness. We will have to wait to make up our own minds on that. The European site did make hints of a new center stack with seven inch display screen, a new LEC instrument cluster and a “more luxurious character”

“Since its introduction in 2009, the second-generation Kia Sorento has achieved more than 620,000 sales around the world. Today, it is manufactured in Korea and the US, attracting over 130,000 US customers last year to rank as the best-selling Kia model in the States for the second year in a row,” commented Thomas Oh, Kia’s Executive Vice President & COO of the International Business Division. “We have given very careful attention to owners’ feedback, and the upgraded Sorento is not just a comstic exercise but a major step forward for our popular SUV.”

Kia will be offering the 2014 Kia Sorento crossover in options of a five passenger or seven passenger configurations. For the United States version of the new Sorento, speculations abound that the there will be a four cylinder and six cylinder engine to choose from. Enhanced powertrains to offer better fuel economy are also expected to be part of the upgrade along with improved safety features, improved ride, handling and driver experience refinement, and additional standard convenience features.

News Source: Kia