Monday, October 24, 2016

KIA: 8 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Number Eight: From sprockets to Pistons!

It started out as a bicycle manufacturer. They used to make bike parts in the 1940s and then went onto launch the first Korean motor scooter in 1957. After that, they collaborated with Honda to create motor cycles.

Number Seven: The Del-Boy-Mobile

It was after 1974 that Kia manufactured their first car. Before that, they created many versions of a three-wheeler pick up truck which had a rather funky design. They made lorries in 1975 after they produced their first car and then focused only on cars in the 1980s.

Number Six: The Lotus collaboration

Kia collaborated with the British car company, Lotus for a one-off project. This was surprising since Lotus was a sporting car brand and Kia was making pick up trucks twenty years ago. But, the brainchild of the companies, the Lotus Elan was a huge success in 1996. It was an offering for the masses under Kia’s branding.

Number Five: Winning Laurels Over and Over Again

Kia is a well established brand all over the world and can easily compete with the larger car companies of the world. Kia won four design awards in 2011 in the Automotive Brand Contest along with many more laurels awards for being a global and green company.

Number Four:  Excellent output

The Hwasung manufacturing plant produces a million cars annually which amounts to 114 cars per hour. That is almost 2 cars per minute.

Number Three: Old is Gold

Kia is the oldest Korean car company. They were founded in 1947.

Number Two: Sportage – the Kia star

Since its release, the Sportage has sold 3,000,000 units all over the world. It has become the company’s biggest selling brand and makes up a fifth of its total sales.

Number One: The First Of Its Origin

Kia’s Sportage was the first Korean car to be featured and competing in the Paris-Dakar rally. The Korean car market is a competitive one, and to think Sportage made the debut is pretty awesome.

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