Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kia Teaser New 2+2 Sports

When it comes to sports cars, the first name you think of certainly is not Kia Motors. It's probably not even the 10th, or the 50th. It's really not even on the list. But Kia hopes to change that with a new 2+2 concept car coming to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

No details on the car have been revealed as yet, but we do get this rather tasty teaser image showing the car from the top down.

Kia says the car "is intended to turn heads while delivering superb driving enjoyment on both road and track."

Judging by the proportions of the car, it might just be rear-wheel drive--perhaps a version of the next Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

The new concept won't be Kia's first attempt at a stunning sports car concept. The GT Concept, shown in 2011, evidenced the brand's ability to envision a handsome sports car. Despite rumors that the GT would enter production by 2013, however, nothing has materialized just yet. The GT Concept, unlike the car announced for NAIAS, isn't a 2+2--it has four doors, the rear being suicide-style--but it could be reinterpreted as a smaller, more compact 2+2 coupe.

Is the new Kia sports car concept a hint that the brand is moving toward the GT, or at least looking at building a true sports car of some sort? Or is it just another tease, pretty and promising, but ultimately amounting to nothing?

We'll find out more during the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.


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