Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 Kia Sorento Uses High Tensile Steel and Safety Tech To Earn 5 Star Safety Rating!

The all new 2015 Kia Sorento SUV crossover earned a rating of 5 stars for its European NCAP safety testing this week, the highest safety rating available from the European Union. The safe, affordable and feature rich vehicle looks to draw drivers away from the more premium and established brands in the segment.

The recent safety rating is made up of separate percentages for each category of vehicle occupant, as well as pedestrians. NCAP say the Sorento is 90% safe for adults, 83% safe for children, and 67% safe for pedestrians. This was achieved through a new tougher body. It’s on-board safety features and technology were given a percentage of 71%.

Base models of the new Sorento come equipped with alerts for Blind Spots, Lane Departure, and Rear Cross Traffic. There is also Adaptive Smart Cruise Control, and a handy little feature that reminds the driver of the speed limit by using its cameras to scan for signs on the road. This doesn’t always function accurately however.

The new body is made of 52.7 percent ultra-high tensile steel, whereas the last model was only 24.4 percent. This helped improved rigidity by 14 percent.

So if you’re looking for a safe family vehicle with a lot of room and extra safety features, the Kia Sorento may be worth checking out. Pricing begins at $24,100 for the base model, jumps to $31,500 for the EX trim, the SX trim is 36,500, and the top end SXL trim is $39,900.

The base model’s engine is a 2.4 litre four cylinder. This is bumped up to a 3.3 litre four cylinder V6 engine for the LX trim, which produces 290 horsepower. The engines are mated to an auto 6 speed gear box. The top end SXL trim comes with 19 inch allots, LED lights, a panoramic sun roof, and temperature controlled seating for front passengers. It also features an extra row of seating, for 7 seats altogether.

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